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DT Swiss FR541

DT Swiss FR541

DT Swiss has done it again!
For years the gold standard of highly durable and light weight rims has been the FR560.
DT saw that there was some room for improvement though and has once again hit the nail on the head with the brand new FR541!

With the naked eye you'd find it hard to tell it's not an FR560, with a very similar general look.
The difference is a lot more obvious though, when you're out on the trails plowing through the chunky stuff. 
DT has managed to design a rim that has the strength qualities of the old FR560 but with weights coming in closer to their EX series of Enduro rims. 

"The FR 541 may not be your first rim, but it aspires to be the last. The new rim shape improves the impact resistance, enabling you to push a little harder on the trails. It also enhances the pinch flat protection for a trusty ride on rougher tracks. Build this rim with care and it will reward you with resistance and lightness for a long-lasting bond." 

They have advertised a big 17% increase in pinch flat and impact protection compared to the old FR560 rims with the new design along with the super strong welded joints that DT is known for.
As you can see below DT has developed a whole new rim profile from the existing FR series rims. 
The profile is actually a lot closer to the EX profile, but with extra material added to a few crucial spots. 

The pinch flat protection design is also a totally re-designed part from DT with a few small tweaks.
This is thanks to the new shape of the rim hooks where the upper part has been widened.
This changed the part of the rim that contacts the tyre and increases the surface area of contact during cases or compression which evens out the pressure, reducing the possibility of a puncture. 

The PHR system increases the load-bearing surface of the nipples on the rim and reduces localized stresses. 
Peak loads are reduced allowing DT to build the rim even lighter. The shape of the washer also acts as a ball joint and automatically aligns the specific DT Squorx head nipples creating an incredibly strong and durable joint.

DT has also acknowledged that everyone wants to customize their ride, so they have included a few decal options from factory for you to choose out of the box to really make the bike your own, for some reason this isnt a common thing for rim manufacturers to do but it really is great to see DT offering things like this. 

DT has catered for all of the regular sizes with both 27.5 and 29 inch in both 28 & 32hole so no one is left behind, plus all of you who run mullet can still have a matching set. 

We're still waiting to build up a set of these for our selves to give a beating to and test so keep you eyes peeled for an updated review in the near future. 


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