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It's no mystery that a bikes braking system is the most important component it's got. 
Not only is it an important safety item, but it'll also help you ride faster with the correct techniques!

With brands like Galfer bringing out a whole new generation of brake pads with their braking technology transferring over from motor sports applications, we thought we might let you know how they perform!

All testing was done on a 2021 Norco Sight A1.

Who's Galfer?
Galfer has a huge history in all forms of motor sport including rally, circuit and motorbike racing. 
They have recently made the breakthrough into the mountain biking world and i'll tell you what, they have smashed it.

They offer an option from stock style pads which behave very similar to your standard organic pads all the way to their pro series pads which have a huge bite and advertise no need for bedding in. 

How are they?

In this review we tried out their advanced and pro pads but Galfer do offer a few different options for different peoples needs.

The advanced compound pads are designed for extreme terrain conditions of wetness and dirt, the braking power is easily maintained owing its features.
They have got a special fiber material designed to keep moisture away from the important braking surface.
The pads did everything as advertised in our day of wet testing, with no signs of brake fade or over heating throughout, they offer a noticeable increase in braking power and leave plenty of feel in the lever. 
The advanced pads are more revolved around the wet condition performance over all of the other compounds. 

The pro compound pads are another step above the advanced compound, with a lot more bite.
They're designed for your most extreme conditions, highest temperature ranges and longest descents. 
Again a notable increase in power from the advanced pad in dry conditions but fall back a bit in the wetter conditions. 
Galfer advertise that the pro compound doesn't need any bedding in period and is ready to go straight out of the box, we definitely noticed the immediate performance unlike most other pads although they did have a slight increase in performance after a good ride. 

So, what do we think?
To conclude, Galfer has brought us some pretty wicked products. 
If you're looking to get that last little bit of performance out of your brakes they're definitely worth a shot!
Despite the high braking performance, all pads where super quiet and smooth.
The only grimace i'd have is the cost of the Pro series pads but i feel as though the extra performance makes it justifiable if you're getting serious about it. 

I'll be keeping these on my bike permanently.
We'll be back in the future with more of a long term update. 

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