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The Return of Dazzle Land!

The Return of Dazzle Land!

After many years of Dazzle Land sitting without an event due to the Cuddlee Creek bush fires, Its back and better than ever. 

What better way to celebrate the rebuild of a historic Adelaide mountain bike trail like sending almost 300 of South Australias best riders down it for Round 4 of Inside Line Mountain Bike Clubs downhill series sponsored by your very own BicyclesMTB. 

Despite the weather in the weeks leading up to the event, the rain stopped and we where on for a cool weekend of racing with some great riding conditions other than the great lake which sat at the bottom of the track.

There are so many new groms to the sport so it's exciting to see them experiencing and racing more of an old school track that they had never ridden or heard of before. 
That along with the older riders who have been so excited to be back racing on a track that they had loved years ago all made up for some real excitement.  

Between racing the Slappage Cooprative held some smaller events including chainless & retro categories along with a dual slalom race featuring a hand full of mini bikes, all proceeds going to the Lighthouse Youth Projects!

The BicyclesMTB team smashed it with 5 BMB podium finishes including two top spots and some of the top times of the day.
We're super proud to have such a great group that are proud to support and represent BicyclesMTB.

It had taken around 6 months of work from a team of very enthusiastic volunteers to get the track back up and running from a very burnt canvas. 
The wattle had taken over the property and was a huge slog to get rid of it to make the old DH track emerge again, all of the timber features needed to be rebuilt such as the new starting ramp, jetty jump and road gap.

New features added thanks to Brock from HGH Development which included 3 new 6ft berms and an array of other earth moving wizardry at the bottom areas of the track to get the venue ready for action! 

Special thanks to both Dave Canning and Dave Crouch for the crazy amount of work they had put into building, clearing and organizing all of the volunteers and trail maintenance days.
Theres been months and months of hard work put in to get the property ready for the event and it all paid off!

We had Red Bull at the event supporting with their Wig Wam tent, inflatable arch, sampling team and Red Bull bar which really helped pump up the event atmosphere. 

Keep your eye out for new events coming up at Dazzle Land!
Theres some exciting things in the pipeline that will be released soon!

Photo Credit:
Peter Chatfield Photography

Ground Effect Studios

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