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REVIEW: One Up Composite Pedals

REVIEW: One Up Composite Pedals

It truly is the revolution of the composite pedals right now!
There are so many options on offer from all sorts of companies, boasting their different technologies and features.
Over the next few months we'll be testing the latest and greatest and today we'll start off with the OneUp Components Composite Pedals!

One Up Components based out of Squamish, BC have been one of the leading producers of high quality composite pedals and really have made a big entry into the MTB scene in the last 5 years and continue to develop more and more and very affordable prices.

The first impression upon unboxing these beasts was the razor sharp pins, they feel fairly light in the hand and they seem to have a fairly average size convex platform.

Harry K. giving the One Up Composites a run for their money

The feel on the feet is impressive thanks to the sharp 5mm pins.
I had no issues with my larger (US13) feet moving around on the pedals despite the platform shap giving great confidence through janky sections of our test track.

On the bike they feel solid!
With zero play between the platform and axle and the bearings all feel smooth to spin giving a truly premium feel. 

The nylon composite material that One Up has used proved to be incredibly durable despite a few hard hits on rocks and many hours of use. 
The sloped leading edge design accompanied with the smooth material meant they just bounce and glide over obstacles when you get a pedal strike.

Now, they're not perfect. 
I found was that after around 6 months of use the bearings developed a slight squeak after some wet rides.
After a quick lube i haven't had the the problem since. 

If you do happen to blow a bearing or lose some pins, luckily One Up have got rebuild kits available for all of their pedals so you should get a long life out of them.

Thanks to the convex shape i found that even though there was plenty of center support, the front pins could do with a bit of extra length for added support but with how easy the pins are to replace, that's an easy fix if you feel its needed.

For the money, i find it very hard to think we'll find a pedal that gives you the same performance and durability that these do but with every man and his dog coming out with new composite pedals, who knows what we'll have in the future.

They will definitely be my go to pedals for all my bikes for now until we find a worthy contender. 


Stay tuned.
We'll be going through our stash of test pedals and releasing a shootout later in the year!

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